Production Worker Sanford Location

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Job Title: Production Worker

Department: Production-Sanford Location

Contact: Tony Reese <email us>

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Stack a variety of products ranging from 10 lbs to 35 lbs onto standard pallets, must be neat and square.

  2. Help monitor products quality.

  3. Start and stop production line.

  4. Keep work area clean, free of ice and water build up.

  5. Keep work area safe and report any potential hazards to supervisor.

  6. Follow all company rules and regulations.

  7. Assume other duties and responsibilities required or assigned by supervisor.

  8. Adhering to the Business Code of Ethics is essential. We value honesty and Integrity above all else and we expect our employees to be committed to the highest ethical standards.

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

Must be able to work in room with temperatures of 50 degrees. Must be able to lift and carry 35 lbs throughout an average 8 hours shift, perform frequent bending and exhibit some degree of physical dexterity.

  • Must be able to perform frequent rates of lifting from the floor to the waist of 35 lbs.

  • Must be able to stand for 6 or more hours during work.


Must be 18 years of age, ability to count, follow directions and pass background check. Must be available weekend and Holidays during peak summer months.

Please <click here> to open and/or download the employment application to fill out and return to us.