• Frozen Carbon Dioxide (-109 degrees)

  • Pellets Only (5lb min)

  • No Mess --- No Clean Up

  • Mix with Water --- Makes Great Fog Effects


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring a cooler to carry the dry ice in?

Yes….We will put the product in a bag, and we recommend you bring a cooler.  Air is your enemy, not temperature. To prolong the freezing capacity, place the dry ice in a container or cooler.  Fill in any vacant space with towels or blankets to extend the life of the dry ice.

Will dry ice freezer burn my product?

Yes… We recommend you provide a layer of heavy paper or cloth between the dry ice and products such as seafood, meats, and even animal pelts.

Is your dry ice food grade?

No….It should only be used to freeze products or used for special effects.

How long will dry ice last?

When properly stored, a  5# bag of dry ice will be good for approximately  24 hours.

Can I use dry ice to ship or transport live lobsters?  

No.....the carbon dioxide from the dry ice will asphyxiate the lobsters.